Investment with Gold Coin

Now, gold still becoming a profitable investment for investor. The reason is the price is stable even tend to increasing. The price of gold called stable because it is not affected by inflation and also situation of the world politics. Differs in forex, the price always changing so that would more safely invests with gold.

We can buy gold in three forms, that is bullion gold bar, gold coin and jewelry. Every the form has each excess and insufficient. For investment purpose, gold bar is good choice because if we buy gold bar, there are only few extra budget that we purchase. If we like to had gold asset which more liquid, buy gold coin is correct choice. That is because if we require money in a few number, we can cash some our gold coins and safe again the other. If we like to had gold that is also can be exploited for other, we can buy a jewelry that made from gold material. Gold in the form of jewelry, besides investment applicable , also we can wear it as jewelry such as ring, necklace, ear studs etc. But if we choose to buy jewelry and sometimes we want to resell it, we shall difficult to get buyer because the type and model can be different with what the buyer want.

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Investment in the gold is the worth investing


We can save the gold day by day, month by month , year by year, there's anything we worry about because it's long-term asset.


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